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ALCís approach to advisory services incorporates the knowledge and experience its professionals have gained in more than 30 years of doing business in China. Because ALCís senior professionals have owned and operated businesses here, ALC understands the goals and the challenges faced by foreign enterprises and investors. ALCís senior professionals have been clients of advisory firms and investment banks and have a good grasp of client needs and expectations.

Fundamental elements underpinning ALCís services are:

Communication: China is 12 time zones away from New York City and represents a challenge for clients in understanding its language and culture, and keeping in touch with their affairs. ALC stresses the importance of frequent, accurate communications to help its clients manage businesses and move transactions forward, even when they are not physically present in China. ALC employs the most effective technologies, such as video conferencing, to keep clients fully informed.

Research: Accurate, relevant information is fundamental to assessing risk, and planning and executing business strategies. Information in China tends to be fragmented and in many cases incomplete. ALC places great emphasis on its information gathering resources and ability to analyze data, some of which is available only in Chinese and otherwise difficult to access.

Practical Experience: ALC senior professionals have extensive experience managing, operating, financing, and buying and selling businesses. Key professionals have managed manufacturing facilities on a day-to-day basis. ALC understands the goals and practical problems faced by owners.

Blend of Disciplines: The most effective and efficient way to accomplish business goals in China is to field a team with critical skills from key disciplines. ALCís professionals have backgrounds in management, operations, finance, accounting, law, government, engineering, and logistics. Our broad in-house expertise is one reason ALC has an outstanding track record in successfully completing transactions in a cost effective manner.

Senior Level Attention: ALC provides senior level attention to its clients. ALC handles a limited number of engagements at any one time and always fields an ďA" team. As a result, clients have the confidence of knowing that ALC avoids conflicts of interest and keeps their affairs confidential.

Problem Solving: The regulatory and business environment in China is evolving and changing. A core competency of ALC is our ability to solve problems and to creatively overcome legal and cultural hurdles.



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