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Inbound US Services

With a Chinese staff in China, and seasoned, senior professionals in the United States, ALC acts as a trusted, experienced and highly competent advisor to Chinese seeking investments or undertaking transactions in the United States.

The volume of “outbound?investment from China to the United States is rapidly increasing and ALC is well positioned to serve the needs of Chinese investors and businesses seeking to invest and do business in the United States.  ALC professionals in the United States have long standing relationships with major investment groups and the ability to find and evaluate opportunities, and to successfully execute transactions on a trustworthy and competent basis.


 Investment Banking

ALC has long experience and excellent capability for finding and evaluating desired investments and businesses and assisting in completing transactions in the United States.  ALC professionals are experts in M&A, and investments of all kinds, including real estate investments and investments meetings the requirements of the EB-5 immigration program of the United States.  Our team includes investment bankers, operating executives, lawyers, accountants, and financial analysts. ALC investment banking services include:  

M&A: including researching, finding and screening businesses in a sector or specialty designated by the client, contacting and arranging meetings with targeted businesses, negotiating with management and stakeholders of targeted businesses.

Other Investment Opportunities: including fact finding, industry/sector research, due diligence and background checking, analysis of investment proposals, and negotiating the terms of investment transactions.

Arranging Loans and Co-Investment:  Where appropriate, ALC assists in securing lender financing to support an investment, and in arranging for co-investment by United States based investors.

Assistance in Structuring and Closing the Investment:  developing innovative deal structures, and processing transactions to a successful closing.

 Legal Services

ALC provides legal services for its clients to support their endeavors and meet challenges in the United States. ALC professionals include senior, Harvard Law School educated, highly experienced transaction lawyers who are former partners of a major international law firm.   Clients get the advantages of seasoned, top tier firm lawyers and, because ALC’s overheads are low, excellent rates.  With its wide network of contacts in the United States legal community, in certain specialized areas, ALC works with legal experts uniquely qualified for the client’s needs.   Legal services include:

Advice on United States Law and Practice:  ALC lawyers have the ability to handle almost all matters of Federal, State and local law and regulations, informed by many years of practical experience in processing transactions and enforcing rights. 

Structuring Transactions:  including devising offshore and onshore legal structures that are tax efficient and confidential and that comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Documentation: including MOU’s, definitive transaction agreements, leases, employment agreements, operating agreements, disclosure documents and other documentation.

Formation and Maintenance of Legal Entities:  including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other legal entities in all United States jurisdictions.

Regulatory Assistance:  dealing with regulatory bodies at all levels of government, including tax, zoning and environmental authorities, patent and trademark agencies and other specialized agencies.

Immigration:  including assistance with obtaining visas, green cards and citizenship, and assistance with EB-5 investments.

Transaction Support

Transaction support in the United States includes: 

Legal Support and Documentation:  Because of ALC’sstrong, competent and experienced in-house legalresources, ALC investment banking clients get the benefit of both investment banking and legal services with a single firm.  ALC drafts bilingual MOU’s, letters of intent, due diligence lists, and definitive transaction documents, thereby facilitating transactions and significantly reducing costs for clients who do not have to pay for two separate sets of advisors.

Local Liaison and Coordination:  including acting as the contact and liaison with United States counterparts; coordinating travel and meetings in the United States; recommending, engaging and coordinating local services providers (specialized lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and other specialized agents); and generally moving transactions to a successful conclusion.

Trouble Shooting and Monitoring Investments:  including on-the-ground monitoring of investments, regular reports on investments, assistance with bank accounts and return of investment earnings and proceeds to the client, and dealing with other regulatory, financial, and legal issues.  ALC provides a post-closing local presence for clients to assure that problems are handled quickly and effectively, and to ensure proper communication.




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